College Admissions Essay: My Culture And My Passion For Writing

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My culture and my passion for words have explicitly sculpted me into the person I am today. Poverty, humility, constant happiness despite very limited success and no control over their future is what the Dominican culture holds. All of these things and more have fueled my insatiable thirst to chase the grail that no one in my family has dared to want ; the success that lies in knowledge. Success in my world means a high school diploma and a mediocre job. This and my infatuation for literature are the things that have molded my personage and my overwhelming desire to achieve the grail that seems only so far, given my resources. Within the mediocre expectations given to me by my family I came to the conclusion that sincere success is a high extent of education. I’ve dared myself to overlook…show more content…
My passion for writing is one that would not have become concrete or personified if I were to have a life in Dominican Republic. Within this, I like to consider myself lost ashes in a sea of literature ; thrown into a tide of a million theories, crashing upon the sharp rocks of symbolism awaiting to completely infiltrate into the crevices of interpretation. Like humans need air, I need words. In spite of the deficits of my culture, I’ve found it immoral not to wallow in the unique passions that subside within us. I’ve found it immoral not to make something of them. Not to aspire for success and of knowledge in multiple fields of study. This is what lies beneath me, this is my personage. See, Fitzgerald realized he was a writer because he believed that if he didn’t write, he didn’t exist. I realized I was a writer because if I don’t write, I exist in too many places at once. I exist in the innumerable questions I hold, in my dreams to attain a prestigious education, and my constant desire to prove my culture, my peers, those who have a fixed and limited hope for my success,

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