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Theme for a Wall of Fire Rising The author shows that the overall theme for a Wall of Fire Rising is, "suffering is different for everyone." I would have to say that this is the overall theme because it shows that people experience suffering in their own way. The characters in the story show that they come from diverse backgrounds and have very unique experiences, but then again they all share the same pain. For example, in this chapter Guy and Lili try to have enough food on their table to raise their son. This family lives in a small shack so they both are suffering in their own way. The family is surrounded by constant stress to survive and they try to keep this hidden from their young son. Guy gets a day’s work at the sugar mill scrubbing,…show more content…
In the story there are the two troublesome and annoying kids, the hot-headed father who tries to control every situation, and the wife who is always busy taking care of the baby, and the grandmother, who is to herself. Even though the story starts out seeming like a comedy, it takes a devastating turn when the family encounters a criminal who kills them one by one. The family begins to sympathize for one another and it takes a toll on them, even though in the beginning it showed that they were dysfunction and always got on each other’s…show more content…
The story shows that neither of the two really communicates with one another, and that is why they have so many problems between one another. The two of them talk, but neither of them listens to one another or understands the other person's point of view. The man is always so frustrated that he will say almost anything to his girlfriend to convince her to have the operation, which is an abortion. He continues to tell her that he loves her and if she gets the operation then everything between them will go back to normal. The girl states that she will have the abortion just so her boyfriend can stop talking, but then she finally speaks up and begs him to stop talking because she realizes the importance of their conversation. The girlfriend then indicated that they would dance around one another and the issue at hand without ever saying anything meaningful. The girl’s inability to speak Spanish with the bartender not only shows her dependence on her American boyfriend, but also the difficulty she has expressing how she is to other

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