The Weeknd Ariana Grande Analysis

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Ariana Grande uses her video Love me Harder featuring The Weeknd, to further enhance the understanding of her lyrics. The song is directed to her lover, which is played by The Weeknd, she is letting him know that if he wants to be romantically involved with her, he needs to give her more attention and devote himself to her. The conflict that the relationship faces is that The Weeknd admits to being bad at committing to someone. Ariana Grande’s music video for Love me harder uses symbolism, body language, and emotion to allow the audience to see the disconnect in the relationship of the characters in the video. The use of symbolism in the music video plays a large part in conveying the message of Ariana’s lyrics. Although they are subtle, the small details that can be…show more content…
Throughout the video Ariana has a sensual aspect to how she is presenting herself. She is constantly rubbing her hands over her body and batting her lashes at the camera. By acting this way it gives the viewer the impression that Ariana is trying to seduce the person she is singing, that person being her significant other. Her body language towards the camera is very suggestive, as if the camera itself is her partner. In contrast to that, The Weeknd’s body language is very flat and standoffish. He is constantly looking away from the camera, as if he is avoiding eye contact, this would make sense with the lyrics of the song because he is apologizing because he knows that he is not good when it comes to relationships. Near the end of the music video there is a shot of Ariana and The Weeknd back to back. This is meant to represent their different interests and expectations for the relationship. The body language of the two characters in the music video allows the viewer to see that the relationship between the two is not going to work, since they have two different attitudes towards the

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