The Red Umbrella Analysis

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The texts that I am comparing are, Excerpt from The Red Umbrella, by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and the, Migration photograph, by José Hernández-Claire. The common subject that is portrayed in the two texts, The Red Umbrella, and the, Migration photograph, is, immigration which leads to family separation. In these two texts, the authors use some similar techniques to portray the subject they show, however they also use different techniques to show how immigration can take heavy tools on families hearts and relationships. There are various methods these two authors use to apply similar techniques to reveal the frequent theme, immigration. One of the similarities between these two texts is that both use the same technique tone. In, The Red Umbrella,…show more content…
One of the literary devices that is different between these two texts is in, The Red Umbrella, one of the techniques used, is plot due to the text being fiction and because the author was writing a story that took place in the past. However, the other text, Migration photograph, uses informative because of the author wanting to convey information to the reader. Furthermore, a second thing that is contrasting between the two texts is in, The Red Umbrella, the main technique used is dialogue to reveal characterization; while in the, Migration photograph, the main technique is imagery to show the men’s emotions and what they are trying to accomplish (move to a better place). The last thing that is different between the two texts, is the technique, point of view of how it is shown and who it is showing. In the, Migration photograph, the men’s point of view is based on through their expressions. Though in, The Red Umbrella, the main character, Lucy, has her point of view shown through the details and dialogue in the story. A piece of evidence to prove this is, “I jumped up. “No! You didn’t even ask us! I won’t be shipped off!”’ This shows how Lucy disputes with her parents about being shipped off to a safer

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