Australian Hero Award Ceremony Analysis

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Religion Oral Good evening, and welcome to the Australian heroes awards ceremony where, I, your host, are presenting the Australian Hero award for 2014. Tonight’s nominees are Mary McKillop, Caroline Chisholm and Fred Hollows. Tonight’s recipient of this award must show all the qualities of a hero, and achieved greatness for the community. Without further ado, it is time to announce tonight’s recipient of the Australian Hero award. And the winner is…Fred Hollows! Tonight’s ceremony will take a look back on the deceased Fred Hollow’s Early life up to his greatest achievement’s that have made a significant change in our world. Growing up Fred Hollows had three other siblings, and was born in Dunedin, New Zealand. He attended the University of…show more content…
While he was there he noticed the high rate of eye disease in the Aborigines. This influenced Fred to set up an Aboriginal Medical Service in Sydney and help provide medical services for the Aborigines in Australia. Fred spent three years travelling through Aboriginal communities and examining their eyes, and providing eye surgery for those who needed it but couldn’t afford it. Fred Hollows was very much influenced by his father who was a Christian and very involved in the church. He was brought up in a respectable family that lived by their own set of morals which shaped Fred Hollows ambitions in life for making a change in the…show more content…
However Fred attended a conference where he compared the eye health of those in Australia living in the city to those who lived in the outback, calling it a scandal. He was then invited to a meeting of the Aboriginal Legal Service were they asked him to help create a medical service for Aborigines. This opened in 1971 and they soon had more doctors volunteering than they needed. Another challenge Fred Hollows faced was the battle he had with kidney cancer that eventually took his life in 1993. Even though Fred Hollows died his work was continued to make sure his great success in the ophthalmology career didn’t die with him. Fred Hollows was an atheist, but this did not mean he didn’t have faith. He had his own moral values that he lived by. He believed that every person should have the right of sight. He did not stand for poor people being denied the right of their health. He made it his mission to provide sight to those who were deprived the chance because they were

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