Feminism In Firefighters

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Let me start by saying I am not one of those “die hard” feminists. I do not believe women are better than men at everything or that women should be held in a higher regard. But nothing disheartens me more then the person who believes women do not belong in the fire service department. I know that I am equal to my male peers, and I am done proving otherwise. In the summer of 2014 I joined West Windsor Volunteer Fire Company #1 and after completing the required testing and training, I was accepted to the junior firefightering program. I rose to become the top responding junior firefighter, for which I received an award. I passed the ICS (Incident Command System) 100 test and the NIMS (National Incident Management System) 700 test with high scores, just like (or if not, better) than the men. So why do I constantly have to prove myself?…show more content…
Most of the firefighters of the department were there: myself, another female in the department, “Lauren,” and ten or so of my male co-workers. After we viewed the demonstration, the instructor pointed to each of the men, directing them to copy the exercise he just taught. When he got to me and Lauren he said, “Why don’t you gals do this one together?” Lauren and I glanced at each other, eyebrows raised, she then turned to the instructor and asked, “Why?” The answer we received floored me. He sternly said “Because neither one of you ladies can do this one your own.” I am sure the anger on our faces was evident. I overheard one of the men whisper an exasperated “Woah” under his breath. Another visibly cringed. And the puzzled looks and sighs of confusion continued our

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