Personal Narrative: Mrs. Sofen

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It was a calm day for me so far and i never liked Language arts. Like at all. But Mrs.Sofen changed it up today by adding some random chairs in the middle of the room. I thought to myself “What is she doing with six chairs next to each other facing the opposite direction, this is so weird.” But then it hit me, she wants us to play musical chairs. I thought then “There must be a reason?” I wanted to know and find out myself. “I need seven volunteers,” said Mrs.Sofen. I raised my hand anxiously ready to do the activity she prepared. She had chosen me, daniela, haley, dane, tyler, ashton, and vinnie. So we stood up, walked to the front of the room, and listened to the directions Mrs.Sofen gave us and started to play musical chairs. The normal game of walking around in a circle waiting until the music stops then rushing to find an open seat. During the first round everyone in the circle, including me, was looking at the chairs and touching them as we went around. The music had stopped and Vinnie and Haley were sharing a seat. Haley was on one half of the chair and Vinnie was on the…show more content…
But when Vinnie tried to find a seat he scrambled to the opposite side of the row and sat down. Vinnie said “I’m hanging on by a butt cheek,” and the whole class laughed softly at his small joke he had made. But for some reason he didn’t get out of the gam. I guess this is a never ending game of musical chairs. Vinnie just stayed in the game and all was fine. And so again we got up continued our game of musical chairs and seemed like we were speeding up, but i can’t be sure. By this time I had gotten super dizzy from looking down at the chairs and touching them as I go by. At one point it felt like was one the verge of falling over. Again the music stopped and we sat in the same seats as last time. Why does Mrs.Sofen keep stopping the music in the same

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