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Fairytales are apart of almost every girl’s childhood. Most girls aspire to be princesses throughout their young age, unaware that there is no such goal in reality. We all remember stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty from the infamous Walt Disney. However, according to Jack Zipes, Disney has stolen these old folk tales and transformed them into his own with a “spell” attached that has America captured in what Disney believes are true ideologies and values. Although Zipes uses Snow White to compare and contrast the differences between the original folktales and Disney’s more modern version, any fairytale could be attributed to the same critiques, such as Cinderella. While Zipes contends that Disney has based his version of fairy tales on his own patriarchal and…show more content…
In fact, their intelligence, their personality, is not a factor at all as it in the original folktales. In one of the original Cinderella stories titled Donkeyskin, Charles Perrault writes, “But most of all, his heart was captured by a wise modest reserve that bore witness to the beauty of her soul” (113). The princess, who ran away from her kingdom, is in a hideous disguise and her physical beauty is limited, yet the prince is drawn to her. In the film Cinderella by Disney, physical beauty is all that matters. The motif of mirrors and reflections are significant in Cinderella’s quest for true love. She uses floating bubbles to pinpoint her reflection, the water in the well, not to mention the many times she looks in an actual mirror. At one point, she is so caught up in her reflection that she can not see Lady Tremaine in the mirror, locking her inside her room. Cinderella’s apparent perfect character, is flawed in her vainness. The princess desires the most beautiful matron in the palace, thus unimaginable beauty becomes Cinderella goal in order to win over the

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