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Public shaming: a modern day crisis. Also well known as a very substantial/serious topic that has occurred in the past, and continues to occur in the present day, like a song put on repeat. Many incidents of the present day have dealt with public shaming, due to the massive amounts of horrible people on the internet. From Monica Lewinsky to Tyler Clementi; the list of victims does not end right there. Public shaming can be deemed upon as a very somber topic among society in the present era. It can have positive affects as well as negative affects, among the people of the U.S. and those who were publically shamed themselves, but overall, they are mostly negative effects. For example, suicides have occurred from people who were publically…show more content…
Public shaming is something taken very offensively in the modern era. It can make one learn “the devastating consequence,” (Source B). Public shaming can make one go silent, which can result in a lack of confidence within the person. It may be from “that need to impress, to find validation through the people that follow us online,” (Source C). These two sources connect to help prove how public shaming can make one go publically silent, because they both provide evidence that public shaming leads to something that no outside source can control. From all of the mass humiliation and all of the inevitable negative attention. Public shaming should be put to rest because having one go publically silent for how ever long the person feels like, which can create worry among their loved ones. It can come from simple comments like these: “People seemed to like the tweets that were just a little bit risqué or outrageous” (Source B). Public shaming should be an age-old tradition left in the past, because it will make one go publically silent and avoid any form of drama. It also ruins of political/public

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