Factory Life In The 1800's Essay

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Child labor is a problem today and all the way back to the 1800’s England when children would work in cotton factories. Factory life in Great Britain 1800’s was unsafe and unhealthy for children to work in. Not only was the factory life unsafe and unhealthy because of the long hour shifts that the children were forced to work , but because of the unhealthy conditions presented by the factory life. One reason that factory life was unsafe and unhealthy for children is because the cotton factory was filled with cotton particles in the which made it hard to breath. Dr. Ward a doctor who examined some cotton factories stated, “ Last summer i visited three cotton factories with Dr. Clough of Preston and Mr. Baker of Manchester and we could not remain ten minutes without gasping for breath. So if three grown men could last ten minutes in the factory how were little children expected to last fourteen hour shifts.” Although Dr.Holmes a Manchester for 24 years states,”My…show more content…
As Dr. Ward states, “ When I was a surgeon in the infirmary, accidents were very often admitted to the infirmary through the children’s hands and arms having being caught in the machinery; in many instances the muscles and the skin is stripped down to the bone and in some instances a finger or two might be lost.” Even though Dr. Holmes state the particulars of Mr. Pooley’s factory which are, “ He employs 401 persons; and of the persons examined in 1796, 22 were found to be of delicate apperances, two were entered as sickly, 3 in bad health, one subject to convulsions, 8 cases of scrofula: in good health 363.” This is only the records of one particular factory which there were many more factories in Great Britain that employed children. The final reason that factories were unsafe and unhealthy for children is that the children were deprived from
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