Do Organizations Work To Protect Giant Pandas In China?

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How are organization working to protect Giant pandas in China? Giant pandas are one of the endangered animals in China and many organizations work to protect and rescue them. Giant pandas are very important, both culturally and economically. The number of giant pandas are slowly rising but they are still endangered. Giant pandas are endangered because of many different reasons which include losing their habitat. To protect these pandas these organizations have helped through different ways such as researching the health problems they have and how to treat them. There are three main reasons why giant pandas are endangered. One reason is losing their habitat because people harvest bamboo and collect medicinal herbs from forests where pandas live which ruins their habitat. Giant pandas are also endangered because of poaching. People hunt pandas for their fur. The law became strict and the wider public awareness decreased the amount of poaching but it still exist. The last reason is accidents with traps for other animals such as musk deers and bears. Pandas sometimes are killed or get injured by accident. From these reasons, giant pandas in China are endangered,…show more content…
WWF collect fund to rescue pandas. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a research and breeding facility for giant pandas and other animals in China. They research ways to help pandas and cooperate with other organizations. Pandas International is a nonprofit organization. They provide public awareness and education for people and help and support research. They work to preserve habitats for Giant Pandas. They also help and assist Giant Panda Centers. These organizations sometimes cooperate with other organizations for example Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding have partnered with Adventure world in Japan, Toronto Zoo in Canada, and many

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