Explain Why Microscopes Are Necessary To Examine Cells

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1. Explain why microscopes are necessary to examine cells. Microscopes are essential in the field of science. Many structures in these fields are too small for the naked eye to make out. The eye by itself can see around 100 μm, which is barely the size of a plant cell. To view the organelles of these and other cells as well as view their functions, eye needs an aid that can see these almost invisible specimen. Being able to view these foundations of life is monumental for the field of biology and anatomy. When these basic units of life are viewed, as well as the molecules and viruses that attempt to enter and exit, scientists are able to see how diseases are spread and through this are able to find ways to treat and cure diseases. 2. Describe…show more content…
However, to be in a TEM the cell has to be killed and extensive preparation has to be done to get a sample that is thin enough so the electrons can pass through it. The process of taking a TEM micrograph is very time-consuming and the field of view is limited, as well as the electron beam can damage the sample (especially if it is biologic). In a LM micrograph, the specimen is not as magnified and the details are not as clear. The staining helps to provide some contrast (and the specimen can be seen in color), but the micrograph itself at its greatest is still magnified 1000x less than the TEM micrograph. However, the specimen gets to remain alive (especially if it is naturally dyed, like red onion) and the device used is less expensive and more readily available than the TEM. 4. Describe how the organelle measurements compare using the whole cell and the organelle images? Would you expect them to be the same regardless of magnification? Explain. In most cases, the measurements of the organelles in their individual image tends to be bigger. I do expect size inconsistencies from individual cell, but I do not expect that 3 of the 4 to be bigger in their organelle image. I may have had some trouble identifying some organelle structures, like the vesicle. 5. Summarize the relative size of

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