Examples Of Unfairism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Racism or Unfairism? In the early 1900’s people would discriminate against black people. In Harper Lees novel To Kill A Mockingbird this discrimination plays a pretty big role, because racism was a huge factor in the 1930’s down in the deep south. Just about every character in this story has some kind of impact from racism. For instance the main character, Scout, uses the “N” word herself until her father, Atticus, directs her to stop using the term because it’s too “common”. Scout, Dill, and her brother Jem once played a game based on Boo Radley, one of the neighbors who would never come outside, so one time they became curious and wanted to catch a glimpse of him. So they creeped up toward the house but then Mr. Radley heard a noise so he came outside with a shotgun, and shot but missed. The next day Mr. Radley described the intruder as a “Pale Negro” he said “if you ever see a white nigger walkin around, that’s the one.”(61). Scout later begins to open her eyes and realizes the world and how bad they treat the blacks. She begins to see how her own family is mean when it comes to the blacks. Her cousin Francis calls her and Atticus “Nigger lovers”(98). All because Atticus is defending a black man named Tom…show more content…
He declared Tom guilty just because of his preordained belief to never accept a black man's word over a white man's. Everybody knew that the evidence proved that Tom was not guilty but just because it is one color over another Bob won it. So when Tom got sent off to prison, one day he decided to make a run for it during the exercise period. The guards said that he just took off running toward the fence he started to climb over it then they looked up and had to shoot him, they shot him seventeen times in the back. They said “If he would've had two good arms he would’ve made it. Tom was just tired of a white man’s chances so he decided to take his

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