Personal Narrative: Nothing Against Activism

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First, a disclaimer. I have nothing against social justice. I have nothing against “political correctness” (though I hate the term), and I do not believe it can “go too far.” I have nothing against activism in its modern incarnation, the widespread social media-heavy movement baby boomers love to complain about. In fact, I consider myself a huge advocate for all these things. Anyone who’s read my previous pieces would know that. Trust me, I’d love to churn out another pumped-up, hard-hitting column about systematic oppression or “problematic” things or the racism, sexism, and other vices plaguing our society. God, just writing that sentence made me tired. That’s the truth. I’m tired. I first joined the Stinger as a wide-eyed freshman with all the fire and ferocity that comes with discovering social justice for the first time. At the tender age of 14,…show more content…
On one hand, I felt proud to spread the information and ideals I was so passionate about, and I envied the courage my past self possessed. On the other hand, I sighed at my heavy-handed statements of oft-regurgitated information, and the resurfacing memories of petty arguments and embarrassments. Also, I used the word “problematic,” which is now between “lippie” and “bromance” on my list of least favorite words. But above all, it reminded me of how I’ve changed, and how that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just like I changed from an average girl into a full-blown social justice warrior, what’s wrong with changing into a more mature, self-aware advocate with the ability to prioritize, think freely, and sometimes just seriously, like, chill out? I’m not complacent. I’m not giving up. I’m not crossing over to that coddling “real justice” crap. I’ve simply learned to keep my social justice sword in its sheath - after all, what good is a warrior who learns nothing from previous

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