Examples Of Odysseus Being An Anti Hero

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Gavin Williams 5/12/15 per 4 Odyssey A hero: someone who, in a time of great tribulation, shows exceeding courage, or a great sacrifice. The troubling aspect of this is that not every person agrees on the definition of a hero. In Greek culture a hero was someone who has godlike powers or an immortal being, while nowadays a hero is someone who is looked up to or has done the impossible, or unimaginable. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, readers may question whether or not Odysseus is the ideal hero. But, they should be questioning as well whether he is an anti-hero: one who is the central character in the story but lacks conventional heroic abilities. He shows many signs of being an anti-hero. Even though Odysseus made mistakes he still had the courage and bravery to endure and eventually overcome his challenges and become an anti-hero.…show more content…
One of his mistakes is his “desire” to return home: it is inauthentic and flawed. Instead of going home right after the war he gets caught at many islands. He wastes valuable time at Calypso island and lives a hedonistic kind of lifestyle. Then, seven years later Calypso finally said, “Son of Laertes versatile Odysseus after these years with me you still desire your old home? Even so I wish you well." Odysseus spends his time sleeping around with Calypso and doesn't beg to go home. Not until Hermes says to Calypso, “Now the command is send him back to haste…where he shall see his dearest and walk on his own land.” Not until Calypso asks Odysseus if he wants to go home does he realizes that he has been there too

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