Examples Of Masculinity In Beowulf

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Dating back to as far as history goes, men have developed an attitude of establishing dominance over places or things to show their masculinity and bravery through fighting. The winner of these well fought quarrels would be regarded highly by all those around. The more intimidating and threatening he was, the further the stories of his victories would travel. The further the story traveled, the more people the story had gone through so by the time it reached far towns, the story had been lengthened and exaggerated with gorey details, The more gorey and violent, the more the warrior of the brawls was highly respected and considered heroic. In the anonymously- written epic poem Beowulf, violence is a dominant theme that is used to amplify how heroic of a warrior Beowulf is during…show more content…
As the warrior journeys on, the enemies becomes increasingly more dangerous and the fights become more of a challenge for Beowulf, adding to his heroic and brave character. With his father's legacy already established,when Beowulf arrives to fight, no one doubts his skills to brawl the dangerous foes that he encounters on his journeys. He shows up to help the Danes after word traveled far that they were in need of a warrior to battle the monster lurking around. Furthermore, this allowed him to prove his legacy even more. The Danes are no strangers to the fact that scops make the stories more gorey and vivid, so they were hesitant as to how reliable he was. Beowulf asks to see the king and displays his extensive and shining armor meanwhile talking about his battle with nine nicors that the king's best man had heard about. He introduces himself by telling the king how he was asked to come by the highest of command, his king, because of how he once "swam in the blackness of the night, hunting monsters/ Out of the ocean, and killing them one/ by one" and helped rid his own kingdom of troublesome sea monsters (ln. 55-57). This comforts the King of the Danes because he can see that if

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