Examples Of Indifference

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One of the big examples of indifference throughout the book that surprises me the most would be the civilians who live near the camp. Its pretty crazy to me how they see these people get loaded and unloaded and have guards march up and down the roads with a bunch of prisoners on a daily basis and don't think twice about it. There is a quote on page 46 and it says “As we were passing through some of the villages, many Germans watched us, showing no surprise¨ (46) and another one I thought was interesting is ¨On the way, we saw some young German girls. The guards began to tease them. The girls giggled. They allowed themselfs to be kissed and tickled, bursting with laughter. They all were laughing joking, and passing love notes to each other.¨ (46) That just amazes me how they can all laugh and do all that while they have several hundred prisoners that they are marching with and not say or do anything and act like they are not there. In today's society, I can relate this to schools and possibly outside of school areas. I compare this to bullying. People all around, whether you realize it or not, see bullying almost on a daily basis. You see it going on…show more content…
There are several different examples throughout the book but there are a couple that really stick out. On page 89 it says ¨Beneath our feet there lay men, crushed, trampled underfoot, dying. Nobody paid attention to them¨. (89) There are several examples like that throughout the book that relate to people getting beat up or dying and everyone just doesn't care and are blind to what is actually going on around them. Now in my opinion, this happens quite a bit but you don't realize it as much since you are blind to what is actually going on and with us being so fortunate to live in a place like we do, it's not even close to the things they were indifferent
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