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The benefits of combined therapy (Cognitive behaviour Therapy and Antidepressants ) in adult with Major depression The development of evidence based practice initially has been derived from the term EBM. EBP is defined as “a problem solving approach to clinical decision making within a health care organization that integrates the best avialable scientific evidence with the best available experiential (patient and practioner)evidence (Newhous etl 2007 ,p 3).It has been expanded and introduced overall health professionals to enhance critical appraisal and use of best research finding and good judgment for patient care (Fain, 2009). There are three elements that (Sackett et all 2000)included in EBP, which are, clinical expertise, patient values…show more content…
Despite several obstacles in implementing of EBP in nursing practice worldwide, such as lack of time, absence of role model, limited training in research and EBP and the absence of institutional support (Polit and Beck 2010), in Oman, one of the vision of health 2050 many action plans to train health care team with collaboration between Ministry of Health and other research institutions within Oman and outside Oman to enhance health research and improve practice…show more content…
The aim of this assignment is to compare the efficiency of a combined therapy of (CBT and antidepressant )with antidepressant alone in order to reduce the rates of depressive symptoms. CBT give the meaning of “a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behaviour patterns or treat mood disorders such as depression”(Oxford dictionary 2011) ,the PICO question in this assignment is : In patients with major depression does cognitive behaviour therapy and antidepressant compared with the antidepressant alone result in reducing rate of depressive symptoms. PICO is stand for population, intervention, comparison and outcome.(Courtney and McCutcheon 2010) P: patients with major

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