Examples Of Ambiguity In The Giver

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Abandoning Ambiguity Do hand-fed answers disrupt readers’ ability to think for themselves—to see truth apart from shadow? In Lois Lowry’s decision to bring Jonas back through the world of Messenger, yes. When Lowry explicitly answered the questions concerning The Giver’s ambiguous ending, the believability of all three novels suffered. That is to say, the thought-provoking ending of The Giver that gave the reader the freedom of choice—the focal point of the novel—was abandoned and numerous inconsistencies were manifested throughout its subsequent counterparts. Therefore, in order to preserve the literary brilliance of The Giver and explain these discrepancies, I maintain the view that the events of Gathering Blue and Messenger were Jonas’s dying hallucination.…show more content…
Still, the sled managed to reappear as a tangible object in Messenger. This leaves the question regarding how the sled was waiting for Jonas in the wilderness unresolved. Similarly, in Gathering Blue the forest was peaceful, so much so that Annabella was able to live peacefully surrounded by it, Kira was able to walk through it, and men were able to hunt in it without any danger. Yet, Forest drastically changed in Messenger. “Sometimes Forest had closed in and entangled people who had tried to travel beyond. There had been terrible deaths…” (pg. 9). The forest not only inexplicably gained consciousness, but it became a danger to those traveling within it—something that never occurred in Gathering

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