Katniss: The Hero In The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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The hero, usually the most masculine, tough and charismatic person that could be thought of, saving the damsel in distress and getting the glory, traits of these heroes fit them well to battle and conflict and the supremacy of European Culture over a range of adversaries. Katniss does not have the sci-fi based powers that came from a radioactive reaction but she has inner strength and will power, and against all western definitions of a hero, she is female. Katniss, like superheroes must battle a corrupt adversary, bottle fed on action and violence, training all his life (Cato) and ultimately defeats him and lives happily ever after, for the first film anyway, as she has nightmares and has to go back into the arena in the next Hunger Games in the second instalment of the franchise.…show more content…
She was the least combat trained of all the participants and yet she prevails by using quick thinking and appealing to the viewer to get sponsors. The nature of the physical conflict in the arena was brutal with no relent as the games started with a slaughter in the cornucopia, and then alliances were made to take down Katniss, within them death occurred such as when their equipment was blown up by Katniss; Cato blamed and killed the supervising tribute, showing his brutality and how he is a polar opposite of

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