Ethnic Diversity In The Middle Colonies Essay

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The ethnic diversity in the middle colonies with the influx of immigrants in the middle of the eighteenth century and the racial and ethnic diversity in the southern colonies with the Atlantic slave trade and the Great Awakening created dissatisfaction among the Native Americans and Slaves, while weakening the relationships with foreign powers and between colonies. Although this diversity did not play a huge role on life in the middle colonies, the wide, varying ethnicity of the middle colonies were influenced by different religions and cultural backgrounds created a diverse society. The middle colonies, often referred to as the Quaker Colonies, each had a heterogeneous society. Pennsylvania consisted of English Quakers, Puritans, Irish,…show more content…
The most famous conflict affiliated with diversity is the Stono Rebellion in 1739. The early, remarkable conflict between the colonists and the Indians over land was the Walking Purchase of 1737, or Penn's Treaty, which said Penn could have as much of the Indian land as a man could walk in a day and a half. Penn hired the best runners he could find to mark the Mason Dixon line, displaying the dirty work the colonists were capable of. As they would settle on “unclaimed” land with hopes that they would eventually receive legal ownership of it, squatters became a problem to the Indians because it was independent people taking over their land rather than a colony. The white population and the Indians continued to get caught in conflict as one can see in the French and Indian War and the Iroquois Confederacy. The Great Awakening resulted from the perceived cooling of religious fervor of the many ethnic groups, and it marks one of the largest religious conflicts in colonial history. George Whitefield and his new preaching of the Bible gave an anti-intellectual view of the Presbyterian religion, which created many splits in existing religions, especially the coming about of the New Lights, who became enemies of the Old Lights. There were similar conflicts in the the middle colonies

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