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During the second world war, 1943, a ten-year-old girl called Annemarie will have to be brave to face the Nazi soldiers, quick thinking to save her best friend and athletic to save the day. “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry tells the story about Annemarie, a Danish girl with an incredible unnoticed courage. Annemarie lives her normal daily life until her parents tell her that the German soldiers have an order of taking away all Jews in Denmark, now having to save her her best friend Ellen from the soldiers Annemarie will have to expose all her bravery, quick thinking and athleticism to save Ellen from the fate that awaits her in the Nazi camps. The best words to describe Annemarie would be hidden bravery. Just like the saying “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth” in order to be brave you fight fear with fear. Annemarie is a great example of the word brave because when facing the soldiers in the forest, she overcame her fear of the Nazi soldiers with the fear that she might lose her best friend forever if she didn’t give the packet to Uncle Henrik. At her encounter in the forest she used a child’s innocence to trick the soldiers so that they would let her go, if she hadn’t tasted the fear of losing her best friend she might’ve not been able to pass the soldiers to save Ellen.…show more content…
Annemarie knows that if the soldiers realize Ellen is Jewish they will take her away, so she needs to be faster than them, erase all clues and don’t volunteer any real information about Ellen. One example of being quick thinking is when the soldiers invaded Annemarie’s house. She quickly noticed her best friend’s necklace design and yanked it out of Ellen’s neck before the soldiers could see it and get suspicious of Ellen then she hides it tightly closed in her hand so that the soldiers wouldn't see

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