'Hunger Games And Katniss In Ayn Rand's Anthem'

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Anthem And Hunger Games Suzanne Collins the author of “Hunger Games” and the Ayn Rand the author of “Anthem”. Hunger Games is a very interesting story about what could possibly be the future which might scare some people. It is about several different units coming together to fight and to get a winner in the end, all the districts are controlled by one leader who is Snow. Anthem on the other hand is very similar to Hunger Games, the people there have their whole life planned for them, they do not have a say in anything, the people are also controlled by one. Teens can relate to Anthem and Hunger Games because they both feel like their lives are being controlled. Teens can relate to Equality. Teens relate to him because in his own life he does not have freedom everything is decided for him, teens may feel like that sometimes. Equality did not have a say on what he wanted his job to be it was picked for him, teens may have the problem too. Teens these…show more content…
Teens these days can be poor just like Katniss is, have to kill prey for food, having to take baths with just water and a bucket, keeping your family safe, living in the most poor part of town. Katniss is a very strong girl inside and out she did anything she had to protect her family. Even if she volunteered for her sister so Prim would not have to fight in the games, teens fight for their families every day too. Every Time Katniss would go hunting she would always try and go pass the boundary to see what there was, teens these days are very adventurous just like she is. Teens these days go to the Army, Navy, Air Force to fight for their country, just like Katniss does for her district. (Katniss Everdeen)“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” This quote relates to the theme because teens compare themselves to a lot of other things, and people so they compare themselves to the sun just like Katniss does. Obviously, teens these days are a lot like

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