Isabella Stewart Garden Heist: 25 Years Of Theories

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One challenge that authorities face when attempting to locate stolen works of art of documents is getting plausible leads. In "Isabella Stewart Garden Heist: 25 Years of Theories", line 5 the narrator states, "...I found myself in Brooklyn, 200 miles from the scene of the crime, tracking yet another lead." Authorities often get false leads which not only wastes time but also makes it difficult choosing which leads they think are actual real enough to investigate. When doing this authorities may have the challenge of figuring out if the evidence they find is a lead or just another dead end. Tom Mashburg also states in lines 10 and 11, "..the chips had been reexamined in 2003 by Hubert von Sonnenburg... His tests determined the chips were an…show more content…
In "National Treasures", line 16 states, "… When the collection was returned to Washington in October 1944 and onsealed,10 of the illustrious poet's notebooks were missing." The authorities have the challenge finding people they can trust to take documents and/or works of art where they need to go. There are people who want to try and take what the world has for granted and one of the difficult tasks of the authorities is to be able to detect criminals before they commit a crime. In the text above it also states, "'Often people in possession of these WPA works don't realize they have no legitimate claim on them,' said Gardiner. 'They may have inherited them or found them in the attic of their grandparents' house.'" the authorities also face the challenge of finding people who will turn in works of art when they come into possession of it. Either the people don’t know it belongs to the government or they don't wat to give it up because they believe they should own it since they inherited it or found it. In conclusion, the authorities face the challenge of finding people who will look past how much something can be sold for and see the history behind it and why it should be preserved by the

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