Ethical Dilemmas In Remmoved

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INTRO In the field of Social Work, there are three different ways that a worker or an agency interacts with the public. The first is mico social work, where the worker or agency connects with a client individually. This usually involves case management or therapist-client situations. The second is mezzo social work, where the worker or agency coordinates with a group of people or a small organization. This typically implies group therapy or family counseling. The last is macro social work. This kind of practice deals with evaluating communities as a whole, creating policy, and reaching out to other organizations. Although some social workers specialize in one of these three types of interactions, they will inevitably work in all three. FOSTER CARE Foster Care is one area of social work that will involve a worker advocating at all three levels of interaction. Webster defines the foster care system as, “supervised care for orphaned, neglected, or delinquent children or for persons mentally ill in a substitute home or an institution on either a full-time or day-care…show more content…
The short film, ReMoved, directed by Nathanael Matanick illustrates this dilemma perfectly. The film is told from the perspective of Zoe, a ten year old girl who was taken from her home and eventually separated from her younger brother whom she had cared for (Matanick, 2013). In a heart wrenching scene, Zoe realizes that her younger brother has been adopted by a family who, for untold reasons, could not adopt her as well. One of the core values listed in the National Association of Social Worker Code of Ethics is the importance of human relationships. With that in mind, and looking at the close bond that Zoe and her brother had, the question of whether to keep them together or give one a chance at a stable home life is one that does not have an easy

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