To Keep One's Treasure Protected Analysis

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You may have heard of the “Six Degrees of Separation” theory, which states that every person is connected to every other person through just six other connections. For example, a certain individual is assumed to know at least 44 other people, and since each of those other people know 44 other people, it can continue through six ‘degrees’, which in total makes 7.26 billion connections, more than there are people on earth today. While there are flaws in this theory, the underlying message remains; humans all around the world are connected to each other, whether it be your next door neighbour, or the Queen of England. “To Keep One’s Treasure Protected,” by Stephen Dobyns is a relatable poem outlining the importance for individuals to make deeper…show more content…
The author explains that it seems as though some individuals would rather live separated from the rest of the world, and who live their life never knowing anyone except themself. The author encourages the reader to go into the world and do everything they can, and to help, sing and develop relationships with others. No one can be entirely complete by themself, humans were created with a sense of and a yearning for community. Humans communicate through various platforms and methods, and more ways are becoming possible through the advancement of technology. I never expected it to be like this. So desolate and hopelessly alone. The stinging smell of bleach and the metallic taste in my mouth leaves my mind numb. I glance to the clock, and I am pained to see that only two minutes have passed since I last checked. He should be here by now, but I am not surprised that he isn’t, punctuality has never been one of his strong suits, although I had hoped he would understand the importance of this moment. Frank was a good man, I didn’t doubt that, but he did have his own way of dealing with

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