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TAKT Time TAKT time is an important element in LEAN that aligns production capacity to supply and demand. It originated from a German word taktzeit, which means meter. It is the “pace” of production in the cell line, regularly aligned or tuned to customers’ demand. Mathematically speaking, TAKT Time = available production time / customer demand Hence, TAKT time control the pace of the output, which is aligned to market requirement. Usually, a production engineer will establish the TAKT time after consulting with the production planner, scheduler or marketing about customer demand for their products. Once TAKT Time is established, the engineers will design a process flow (PF) that ensures each process within a cell line achieves this value of TAKT time. That is the reason why the SOP must be made as modular and portable as possible to support possible frequent…show more content…
It is the rate at which the WIP (work in progress) moves through the entire process. Throughput time determines how soon customers will receive their order. Keeping throughput time is important for delivering to customers on time. Time is money, and for every minute the assembly is delayed; not only the cost and competitiveness are directly impacted, the customer delivery commitment as well. Relationship of lot size and throughput time One important factor that influences throughput time is the lot size. Figure 5.2 and 5.3 illustrate a very powerful example of the relationship between lot size of four and lot size of one with respect to throughput time. The total elapse time for a lot size of 4 to complete is 12 min while lot size with one unit only takes 6 min. The maximum amount of WIP in figure 5.3 for a lot size of four is eight units at any lapse time while configuration in figure 5.3 shows lot sizes of one produces a maximum WIP of only

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