Essay On The Rose In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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There are several meanings for the rose in William Faulkner’s “A Rose For Emily”. It is symbolic as it can represents a nod in Emily’s direction for success. : Emily in her youthness was prevented from marriage due to her father's ignorance and pride. He pushed away all the men who wanted to marry Emily because they were not good enough for her. Therefore, after her father's death Emily was left all alone. Some while after her father's death she meets a man called Homer (Pavement constructer) and starts an emotional relationship with him. However, Homer wants to leave the town and turn back to the North because he is a northerner. And also the town pities Emily (Poor Emily) for having a relationship with a Northener, Yankee,…show more content…
There was one man Emily would never let go and that was Homer Barron. He tried to leave but Emily wouldn’t allow it. She killed him in the end so Homer could never leave her. Like her father she also got afraid to be left alone and would do anything to keep the men she loved with her Emily’s rose could also represent her attachment to a world that does not exist any longer. She didn’t want to adjust to the new generation. She wouldn’t communicate with them, she did not want a mailbox, she didn’t pay taxes and she didn’t want a house number. She claimed that she owed no taxes but she really couldn’t afford to pay them. Her father or the Colonel had always handled these situations. She had believed that her father made an arrangement where he didn’t owe taxes. The Colonel knew her predicament and protected her by allowing the taxes to go unpaid. As the years go by and new blood comes to town, the new mayor feels that everyone should be held accountable. She does not want to give anything up that she once had. This includes the
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