Essay On The Meaning Of Life From The Myth Of Sisyphus

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The meaning of life from the Image of the Myth of Sisyphus Introduction Richard Taylor was a renowned philosopher who was known for his contributions to metaphysics. He suggested that people should examine the idea of a meaningless existence so that it can be contrasted with a meaningful life. Taylor addresses the notion of whether life has any meaning by discussing the ancient myth of Sisyphus, where he brings up with some controversial variations to alter individuals views on the meaningless existence of Sisyphus (Klemke & Cahn, p. 350). On the other hand, Albert Camus, a poet, philosopher, and a journalist claim in the book “The Myth of Sisyphus” that the…show more content…
Even if the boulder would have been very light, and the hill not very high or steep, he still maintains that this would not detract its meaninglessness. In contrast, Sisyphus life could have to mean if something could come of his struggles, for example, if the stones could have been used to create something important. Another way in which meaningfulness would be seen in Sisyphus life is if he enjoyed rolling the stone up the hill, and imagine nothing else enjoyable. Taylor elaborates that life is valuable as in the case of Sisyphus life. Whether life is viewed from a wider scope, or at a simpler level of a single being, life would be nothing but the successive struggles and attempts would ultimately result in nothing. The only thing that endures is the repetitive cycle, and therefore, there is no endpoint over which the efforts are directed, this could have meaning (Klimke & Cahn, p. 358). Reflecting on the imagined Sisyphus, who enjoys rolling the boulders up a hill, we can project meaning onto our lives by appreciating our struggles even when they achieve nothing much. Taylor concludes that whether or not something paramount results from our labor is irrelevant, and the meaning is in the struggles rather than the positive or negative

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