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Spiritual Quotient is called or known as human intelligence, and is superior than the human intelligence and is also known as the combination of the intelligent quotient plus the emotional quotient. It is often described as the 0ne’s overall capacity to think rationally think in a rational manner, to act purposefully and to deal effectively in the environment and with 0ne’s environment . Spirituality also means to up the spirit or up to the spirit. To up to the spirit means that it is important and it is that it is indispensable to inculcate the knowledge of , meditation and service in the environment. In the present state of the competition it is important that , one needs to have the different kinds of intelligence, among…show more content…
Spiritual quotient (SQ) is often described as the measure that looks at the person’s spiritual intelligence (SI) in the same way as intelligence quotient looks at the cognitive intelligence of the individual.SQ is all about holistic approach towards the life: the wholesomeness, the self-awareness among the various individual , compassion, the creativity, the ability to think rationally and act accordingly in the workplace , ability to reason out etc; all of this together plays an important role in the persons life . Issues regarding spirituality at workplace are from the beginning to attract the attention of the business leaders, the top managers and employees alike. This ‘Spiritual Movement’ in the organizations is different from just abiding by the rules and just by obeying the orders. This dimension of Spirituality deals with adding meaning, purpose and a strong sense of community within the organization and in the life of the individual . Many organizations no longer see profit alone as the bottom line but for them people are an important asset in the organization and peoples attitude or behavior plays a vital role. Instead they honor a commitment to ‘people, planet, and the profit’ also which is also referred to as the triple bottom

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