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Ariana Grande: ‘Santa Tell Me’ Single Review Christmas is fast approaching, and Ariana Grande is ready for the holiday season with her brand new single, “Santa Tell Me”. In a follow up to last year’s EP, Christmas Kisses, Grande presents us with an original track that easily passes off as a warm, feel-good song that makes it difficult for anyone to object to. In a typical Christmas fashion, the song centers on Grande pleading for Santa to mend all of her problems as she stumbles through the pain of unrequited love. It’s slightly reminiscent of Wham!’s classic, “Last Christmas”, as Grande sings in the chorus, “Santa tell me, if you’re really there / Don’t make me fall in love again if you won’t be here / Next year.” Despite the song being…show more content…
From the upbeat, infatuation-struck single, “The Way”, to her more recent and sexy, “Love Me Harder” – each of her songs possesses its unique and distinct characteristic. However, Santa Tell Me” fails to make its mark it floats somewhere above the realm of generic songs. Not every single was meant to be a classic, though, and Grande’s song definitely checks all the boxes when it comes to being enjoyable, catchy, and worthy of being replayed over and over again. Once the chorus hits, it’ll be impossible to get it out of your head, and with every listen, you’ll start to enjoy it more and more. Even the verses make use of simplicity to its advantage, as the lines, “I’ve been down this road before / Fell in love on Christmas night / But on New Year’s Day I woke up and he wasn’t by my side” evoke feelings of sympathy from the audience. Her voice is without fault, even to the point where it seems that her light and airy vocals were meant to sing a Christmas song. If sound could be translated into an image, consider Grande’s vocals as snowfall falling outside during the winter season. It’s gentle, delicate and undeniably

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