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She’s a witch! Hang her, burn her at the stake, and kill her! These exclamations were said by many people in the town of Salem. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, talks of the experiences that occurred during this time. The main characters of the play are Reverend Parris, John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Reverend Hale. The setting of the play is in a quaint little Puritan town known as Salem in Massachusetts. Reverend Parris stumbles his daughter and niece “conjuring spirits” in the forbidden forest. He then has to deal with all the other citizens of Salem believing his daughter is bewitched. A little while’s later Reverend Hale appears in the play. He was called upon by Reverend Parris due to the fact that he knows much about witches…show more content…
Reverend Parris’ daughter and niece are “conjuring spirits” in the forbidden forest, and soon afterwards Betty Parris goes into a sort of coma static behavior. Reverend Hale appears to check on Betty, and to either determine if Betty is bewitched or if she is just ill. At the time he despises witches he hopes to drive them all back to hell. Everybody trusts his judgment, because he has had a personal experience if witches and he was able to drive a witch out of someone. He questions Abigail what had happened, and she immediately responds with Tituba, Parris’ slave, he then turns to her and questions her.…show more content…
At this point Reverend Hale is in favor of reviewing the evidence or better yet releasing the accused. He believes that he was too quick with his judgment and fears that Judge Danforth will do the same. The minute that he goes into the court room, he begins to support the Giles’, Francis, and John’s case at the court. At the beginning of the play Hale believes Abigail, and he doesn’t even question her after he begins questioning Tituba. However, at this point he has a pretty good feeling that Abigail’s testimony is completely honest and or true. Especially when she begins speaking of how Mary Warren has a bird attacking her face, and that she’s

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