Preventative Care Observation Report

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To be a part of a community by providing basic health care and long term continuity is one of the wonderful aspects of Family Practice. During all my experiences with patients I felt that individualized treatment might be good for acute illnesses, but that long-term care could be given by continuity and by understanding the social and community effects on the patient. Only a primary care physician gives this kind of care. The compliance of a patient rises when we treat him based on his needs; this is only possible when we get to know the patients’ background and living conditions. I encountered a known juvenile diabetic who presented with diabetic ketoacidosis. In the course of treating him, we realized he had never been associated with a primary care doctor and had no follow ups. We extensively talked to him about his…show more content…
Geriatric patient populations are the most entertaining people I have met. That being said, I have also worked with paediatric population in multiple settings and found them to be very forth coming towards me. Preventative care aspect is another area I am very interested in. Most of the infectious disease etiologies arise due to lack of proper community awareness and preventative measure. This can be corrected by regular education of all patients when they come for follow up clinic, leading to the education of the entire community. Family medicine can make an impact on an entire community through education about immunisations, precautions for diabetics and hypertension, personal hygiene, community cleanliness. Every part of the body has a different physician to take care of it; only family medicine treats the entire body, mind and soul. I feel my true happiness lies in treating the patient completely that is socially, medically and community

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