Essay On Poor Theatre

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the scene we are acting and when that time is up we come back better and Drama is a form of creativity, where you can express yourself in different ways with he support of different resources like props or lighting..gerzy grotwski expressed this evidently through poor theatre and went beyond what people perceive drama all other dramatic representations it had to have come from somewhere.the origin of poor theatre has contributed to the features and styles that make it up , how it has been used today and how it has changed society. Gerzy grotowski Poor theatre didn’t appear out of was an idea built on acting through awareness,working in silence, physical training,transformation,human contact, voice,memory and the truth.all these features were evoked by none other than gerzy grotowski.jerzy grotowski was a producer,teacher and polish theatre…show more content…
Acting through focus and awareness is one of the main features of poor theatre where the actor or actress would create an inner harmony in order to be alert of what is happening around them. An example would be grotowski’s students,thye were vocally and physically skilled that they could communicate with eachtoher using movement and sound.we can see this being applied in plays that we have created,like simba’s order to communicate with sound and movement amongst eachother we would have to firt find ourselves and become on with our this I mean be the character, and think of what they would do ,wha they would feel and how they would respond to certain situations.i think grotowski created this technique to make our performances more realistic and make the audience feel the emotion pulsating through the crowd and feel as if they are actually
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