Essay On Materialism In The 21st Century

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The twenty first century is an era of material affluence, political consciousness, democratic reforms, cybernation, globalization, technical advancement, mechanical progress, privatization and educational expansion. As the result of advancements, people have become materialistic in their approach and so the twenty first century philosophers and sociologists lay stress on the revival of cultural and spiritual values. Their idea is to benefit the community as well as the individual by inculcating in the minds of the people, the values of simplicity and the importance of human relations. The idea is not simply to drive out Mammon by refusing to become the slave of the money machine and cash nexus but to strike a balance between money making and leading a fruitful life. In this context, it is noteworthy to refer to The Times, which in a series of articles devoted to the future defines a new objective as, “The values which should come first are the human and aesthetic values. Some nations make civilization a by-product of the creation of wealth;”…show more content…
She thinks herself neglected if the husband does not always return to her in the evenings, and the husband and society think her undutiful, frivolous, and so forth if she does not stay at home alone, trying to sigh him back again. The luckless man finds his wife so very dutiful and domesticated, and so very much confined to her ‘proper sphere,’ that she is, per chance, more exemplary than entertaining. Still, she may look injured and resigned, but she must not seek society and occupation on her own account, adding to the common mental store, bringing new interest and knowledge into the joint existence, and becoming thus a contented, cultivated and agreeable being. No wonder that while all this is forbidden we have so many unhappy wives and bored husbands. The more admirable the wives the more bored the

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