Essay On Margaret Sanger As A Critical Thinker

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Qualities of a good critical thinker are not always easy to accomplish, especially due to the amount of barriers that many distort good critical thinking skills. It is essential to be able to identify barriers in our critical thinking skills in order to produce better arguments overall. Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) is among one of the many inspirational feminists that ever existed in America. Although her ideas exemplified those of a good critical thinker, she also presented barriers that impeded those of a great critical thinker. Margret Sanger demonstrated excellent use of analytical skills, research and inquiry skills, and creative problem solving skills; however, she reluctantly also displayed forms of resistance, such as anger and avoidance in her ideas as well. Born on September 14, 1879 in Corning, New York, Margaret Sanger was nurse a working in the lower east of the United States while also being one of among many…show more content…
Resistance was present in her claims and viewpoints while trying to stand up to what she believed was right for other fellow women. Although in this case, when resisting to what others with opposite viewpoints had to say about her, she still became an iconic historical figure because she founded low to no cost birth control clinics for women all over the country. This is because Sanger displayed anger (not physically, but mentally, through her campaigns) toward men and viewed women as victims (, 2001). This type of anger toward men most likely originated from her failure to forgive her father for weakening her mother’s body to the point of death due to her many births. Sanger can be described as unconsciously biased toward men, which explains a bit about her avoidance from the opinions of men (that include fathers). She had unfortunately ruled out their opinions in order to bring out her idea of contraception to the United

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