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“MOMMY, I’M READY FOR SCHOOL!” Kindergarten readiness means that your child will be able to learn that which is taught in the kindergarten he attends. It also means that your child will be able to interact effectively with the other children and the teacher in that particular school. In general, readiness is dependent on a range of academic and emotional variables. What are they? Academically, your child is probably ready for kindergarten if he can write his name, count, recognize most letters, and demonstrate certain small motor skills, e.g., cutting and holding a pencil properly. Your child should also demonstrate the ability to follow simple sequential directions, have articulate speech, comprehend simple stories, recognize numbers, and understand basic comparisons. Your child should be able to tell a chronological story. EMOTIONAL EQUATION Aside from these academic…show more content…
Which objects are the same color or size, smaller or larger, heavier or lighter, etc. • On a daily basis, singing songs, reading stories, and working on puzzles with your child. • Extending “pretend play” sessions with your child (having a “real food” tea party, “opening” a market in the living room for an afternoon, “operating” a restaurant for dinner one evening). Occasionally, invite one of your child’s peers to join you in these activities. • Implementing “sorting and classifying” activities into your child’s daily life. Cut and sort pictures from magazines, “spot” all the red cars on the way to the market, separate coins from his piggy bank together, sort the socks from the laundry. • Helping your child “write” letters and draw pictures to be sent by mail to a favorite friend or relative—especially one who will reciprocate. • Reading rhymes and encouraging “word play” composed of simple rhymes. “See you later alligator; after a while, crocodile,” will help your child to recognize similar sounds and simultaneously discover the joy of

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