Essay On Japan's Reinterpretation Of Article 9

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The reinterpretation of Article 9 of Japan’s constitution 1947 permits the relaxation of Japan’s military restriction for the purpose of engaging in collective self-defence (citation). Within the framework of collective self-defence, Japan is allowed to deploy military forces to fight against the aggressive countries that threaten its allies. However, it is only applicable when Japan’s security and its citizens’ lives are vulnerable to that threats; it is also considered as self-defence (citation). Even though the relaxation of military restriction is limited, it still has opened the door of opportunity for Japan to re-emerge as a great military power both in Asia region and globally. The reinterpretation of Article 9 has marked a turning point for Japan to step out from the security umbrella which has long provided by the United States (U.S.).…show more content…
Precisely, Article 9 had stated Japan’s renunciation of its sovereign right in waging war and the threat or use of force in settling international disputes (citation). In realizing these goals, Japanese government have discontinued the retention of military personnel and other war potential along with the denial to the right of belligerency (citation). The introduction of the clause under Article 9 was the idea of the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers, General Douglas MacArthur and his officers (citation). They had implemented the clause with the objective to eliminate any circumstances that allow for Japanese military aggression similar to its atrocities during World War II (WWII). Ironically, despite the fact that the pacifist Article 9 was the idea from the U.S. officers, the U.S. government had continuously pressured the Japanese government to begin

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