Common Causes Of Conflict Within A Team Essay

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Explain common causes of conflict within a team There can be many reasons why there is conflict on a team, a clash of personalities, strong personalities, and poor team building opportunities, poor communication. Explain techniques to manage conflict within a team • Use appropriate staff shift patterns to utilise those that work well as a team • Regular one to ones to keep on top of any possible conflicts – a problem known about beforehand can help you avoid conflicts. • Team meetings to help the team communicate well together • Team building activities Training – The colour profiling/communication session course helped me understand why myself and a particular colleague didn’t get on well. It also gave us ideas in regards to how to understand each other better. Outcome 4:Understand performance management…show more content…
It ensures correct documentation is logged which covers the company in any event. It also ensures that everything is fair and in line with legislations. Outcome 5: Understand training and development Explain the benefits of employee development Employee development can result in many benefits for both employee and organisation. Not only can employee development result in more qualified/able staff, but it can provide benefits to the individual and also those around them. The individual will gain the experience necessary to increase their skills possibly resulting in a pay rise or new role. They will also be more motivated due to having a sense of achievement for example. If there is good employee development, it could result in better team relationships. There is nothing worse than having a colleague who isn’t pulling their weight, so if development is done correctly that person could feel more valued and the colleague underperforming could possibly gain skills to start achieving their

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