Asok Asoka's Legacy

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Asoka could be seen as two very different people throughout his life but who should history remember? There is no doubt that in his early days of rule Asoka was a ruthless conquer killing 200,00 people in the Kalingan territory(Doc A). Ruling the Mauryan territory was his main focus and had no respect for human life. However shortly after his final battle he felt something most conquers do not. Remorse. Asoka chose to turn his whole life around becoming a kind, peaceful ruler, believing in the Buddhist teachings and way of life. The positive things Asoka did completely overpowered the negative things he had done history and the modern day world. He had created a new way for Emperors to rule, kindly and considerate of people, and has influenced modern day India.…show more content…
Although his empire collapsed a short 50 years after his death,his legacy lived long past his day of death and is still affecting India 2000 years later. One of the most important legacies he left was the spread of Buddhism.Asoka began his Buddhist journey shortly after his battle of Kalinga. Like Buddha he sat under the Bodhi tree until he reached enlightenment. This affected his way of rule for the rest of his life. He became a very tolerant of religion and freedom as most of India at the time believed in Hinduism. Asoka sent out Buddhist missionaries to spread the Buddhist religion throughout the Middle East. Under his rule Buddhism became India's official religion.Asoka’s spread of Buddhism made him a more tolerant and kind leader creating the beginnings of spreading a world

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