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A. Summary of the problem The legal process of deporting an accused or suspected criminal from a requested state to a requesting state through signing the extradition treaties in known as Extradition. From the point of view of a country whose citizen has been arrested or got caught in an another nation, the extradition treaty provides the requesting state an authoritative power and protection over its accused citizen from the lethal and harsh procedures of the requested state. When we look up at the word ‘human rights’, it’s from where the problem arises. With the advancing of the world, awareness is reproaching to its zenith and the European Union understands how important it is to guarantee a person its fundamental human rights. Extradition is a good way to ensure that these rights are not violated. There are many cases in which the European Union had and will deny to sign an extradition treaty with another nation until it has ensured that the accused criminal, will, by no means get a death penalty or a harsh treatment including the use of lethal chemicals, hanging, injecting drugs or other such activities which are frowned upon by the EU and can cause the death of a person. But apart from these issues based on humanitarian grounds. There are other problems faced when a sovereign state asks for the removal or…show more content…
the extradition treaties and hence being a highly conscientious union, European Arrest Warrant was proposed in 13 June, 2002. This step was taken in order to facilitate a quick extradition between the European Union member states, which stated a list of legal procedures to be followed when extradition is taking place. As it sets forth a number of which the Member States have to strictly follow with certain norms and laws, it guarantees that the beliefs and ideology that the EU reflects upon the extradition trials are practised by the European Union and are not

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