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4.1 TASK 1 COMMON CAUSES FOR ENGINE OVER HEATING : OVER HEATING CAN BE CAUSED BY low coolant level leaks in the coolant may lead to engine dangerously overheated . It may cause dangerously so proper checks must be done to ensure the coolant level is maintained, no leakage. If u find the leakage fluid should be removed and proper checks must be done. Fans and fan belts it is situated because if cooling system is required additional help, so if the fan malfunctions then engine gets overheated and if the fan belt which drives the fan is damaged and is not working properly then engine engine gets overheated. -Too small a fan it may be the reason for engine overheating this is manufacturing defect so it leads to engine overheating…show more content…
sometimes the elements such as pressure cap gasket gets worn out or damaged so it leads to engine overheating as the pressure is not created. Faulty thermostat Its the device which controls the cooling system. If this device get stucked or damaged then the engine overheating can be resulted. Bad water pump This may be the reason as and when the water is supplied the cooling effect is there. If its not there then it may lead to engine overheating. COMMAN CAUSES FOR BREAK FAILURE Crystallised break pads or shoes The breaks become hardened and will be ineffective in grabbing and stopping the rotation of break drum or rotor. This hardening takes place due to excessive use of breaks at times like panic or riding of breaks. Due to friction the material turns harder and will be ineffective. Oil or grease socked breaks If the oil or grease make there way to breaks then they will ineffective to stop the rotation. Oil or grease from the differential or any engine parts can make there way out to breaks. Loss of power assists This may lead to break failure it is caused by the loss of engine vacuum or deterioration of vacuum break booster diaphragm. Hot spots These are the hardened parts of the metal rotor, metal make up that forms overheating of the

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