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Introduction: The diamond fitting machine is one kind of hand operated stamping press which is widely used in imitation jewellery work. Now days the imitation jewellery are widely used. Most of imitation jewellery contains the diamond in it. The diamond is fixed in sheet metal cover so that the diamond will easily solder with metal jewellery. Hence the diamond will remain in the jewellery. [5] Fitting of diamond in sheet metal cover is one kind of metal forming process. In present time this process is done with use of small hand operated metal stamping press using die and punch which is shown in fig.1. This process is similar to curling operation of metal forming. The stamping press use for this operation is known as diamond fitting machine. The diamond fitting machine use now days is fully manually. The present diamond fitting machine includes following part such as. (1) Ram, (2) Base, (3) Die, (4) Punch, (5) Handle, (6) Gear, (7) Guide way, (8) Column, (9) Stroke adjustment screw The difficulties in manual operation are time consuming and production rate is less due to manual operation. In our project we are trying to overcome this difficulties by make diamond fitting machine semi automatic. Make this machine semi automatic by…show more content…
This process is also termed as cold stamping. The machine used for press working is called a press. The main features of a press are: A frame which supports a ram or a slide and a bed, a source of mechanism for operating the ram in line with and normal to the bed. The ram is equipped with suitable punch / punches and die block is attached to the bed. A stamping is downward stroke of the ram when the punch moves towards and into the die block. The punch and die block assembly is generally termed as a “die set” or simply as the “die”. Press working operations are usually done at room

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