Women Harassment In Tamii Cinema

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Harassment faced by women Police officers in Tamil Cinema Abstract: Women happen to occupy a major percentile of the Indian populace. Women also have been given important place in the Vedas and in many rituals and festivals. They are solely responsible and are the reason for a plethora of rituals and festivals to take place as they are the chief role players in them. Women also have had risen above men and even even above men in various fields. However, it was not all easy as they had countless difficulties in achieving the same. Films are an important form of media outet that can esaily penetrte the cognizance of the peope and makes lasting impact as well. It is one of the mediums that tends to give wrong portrayal of events and more often…show more content…
INTRODUCTION: 1.1 Harrassment and workplace: Harassment can happen anywhere but is most common in the workplace. It involves unwanted and unwelcome words, deeds, actions, gestures, symbols, or behaviors of a sexual nature that make the target feel uncomfortable. A safe workplace is therefore a woman’s legal right. Indeed, the Constitutional doctrine of equality and personal liberty is contained in Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Indian Constitution. Sexual Harassment includes anyone or more of the following unwelcome acts or behaviour (whether directly or by implication), namely: 1. Physical contact or advances; 2. A demand or request for sexual favours; 3. Making sexually coloured…show more content…
OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:  To analyse and identify the kind of wrongful portrayal of women characters in Tamil cinema especially in Police department. 4. METHODOLOGY: Four films viz. Madurai Sambavam (2008), Avan Ivan (2011), Jilla (2014) and Tirunal (2016) are taken for the study to analyse how the films are depicting and portaying women police officers in a bad way by using iconography. 5. ANALYSIS: Madurai Sambavam (2009) In the film madurai sambavam, Kutty is the protagonist of this film. He is a gangster and has involvement in illegal activities with his father Aalamarathaar. Kutty is being rounded up by the Police in an residential area. The female lead Caroline Thomas tries to catch him by pointing the gun. She slips and Kutty catches her and removes her police cap rudely kissing her lip romantically and forcefully and doesn’t have any feel that she is a cop. The next scene portrays Kutty to be rejoicing having kissed Caroline. ICON 1 & 2 Courtesy: Madurai Sambavam ICON 3 & 4 Courtesy: Madurai Sambavam Avan Ivan

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