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In the early 1800s, lace made materials are much expensive than the crochet products. In Europe, some communities use crochet products to identify their social status, which only indicate that they can afford crochet products and other lace made items. The craft of crocheting only requires less expensive supplies and materials, which are commonly threads and yarns that they can purchase in nearby markets. Many assume that the craft of crocheting and knitting evolved in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. They have come up with this theory because of the cultural tradition of clothing used by the people living in these countries. Many experts also say that the craft of crocheting was more essential to bend the forefinger rather than its necessity for creating crochet and knitted products.…show more content…
Most royalties consider wearing a crochet product symbolize wealth and power. During these days, crocheting and knitting is the pleasure of many people. It has developed as an art of creating very good crochet crafts and designs. A person can acquire a variety of yarns and threads that are used to make a crochet product. There are different textures and colors he may choose depending on the type of pattern or design that he will create. There are basic types of yarns that are in the market nowadays. He may find baby/fingering, worsted weight, chunky, sport/baby, and the bulky types of yarns, which are commonly used in crocheting and knitting. Yarns are typically labeled by their types to distinguish the yarns' quality. This helps in identifying which specific yarn would be suitable for a particular crochet product. Moreover, a person may also need to know the amount of skein, care instructions, gauge, and the fiber content of the

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