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Abstract: The leather industries are a major threat to human lives and to the environment as it releases highly toxic chemicals as a result of its process and uses mechanisms which pose a threat to humans. The chrome tanning process especially in leather production is one of the hazardous factors to the labourers working in it. There are lots of risk factors that are to be considered in the leather production process. The equipments used there are manhandled and there are no proper safety mechanisms for the workers to avoid risk. The workers are neither educated on the possible risk factors that can occur while working with the process nor they become self aware. The workers there are mainly uneducated as they come from villages for earning money. This paper works as a study ofcomparison and survey of various aspects of effects of tannery effluents at…show more content…
The animal hide which is used for the leather production undergoes various processes such as preservation, dehairing, deliming, bleaching, bating and pickling before entering the tanning process. Chromium which is the important ingredient in the tanning process has lots of negative impacts on human lives and as well as to the environment. The people working in the tannery has no awareness on how it will impact their lives. The workers are not educated, mainly those who come from villages on how to avoid the hazards through practicing safety. They are unknowingly getting exposed to chemical hazards regularly during the production process. Theworst scenario is in the small scale leather industries, where they do not even have an idea on how to be safe from hazards. After the process, the discharges effluents which is the contaminated water containing chromium and other chemical and solid wastes are let out into streams and into lands. This affects the water bodies on which it is let out and affects the aquatic organisms very

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