What Is My Dream Car Essay

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My Dream Car I always dreamed to be behind the wheel of a true American muscle car. I dreamed to be behind the leather wrapped steering wheel, feeling the rev of the engine as I apply pressure to the gas pedal. Seeing the aggressive stance of the hood before me; the short rear end behind me. I dreamed to have the excitement feel me as the smooth, yet taut, ride of the rear axle comes to life. I have always wanted to be able to drive around and rev up the motor as the loud exhaust rumbled behind me, and watch the people around me stare as if I was a Superstar. Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed about owning my very own Ford Mustang GT . I started out buying and selling cars, from a young age, the first time I had sold a car was at the age of fifteen. My very first…show more content…
The hard work had finally paid off and I found the car of my dreams sitting at the dealership waiting on me. I could barely hold my excitement in as I pulled into the parking lot and rushed over to the car. All I wanted was to get behind the wheel of “The Beast”. After talking to the sales associate, I finally decided today was the day; I could not wait any longer. Once I finished signing all the papers and paying for the car, it was time to shine, it was all mine. It was no longer a dream anymore; nothing but reality. I got behind the wheel of my brand new 2014 Ford Mustang GT and took in the beautiful moment. That new car smell and the leather seats, everything matched perfectly just how I had always dreamed it would. I put the key in the ignition and started her up. At first, I let the car idle, savoring the first time I heard the car come to life. Then, I listened to the engine rev up as I pressed on the gas. A smile shot across my face, it was time to drive it. As I pulled out of the dealership, all I could think was “it’s just me, the Beast, and the open road,
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