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How To Become A Paralegal If you want to know how to become a paralegal. There are many paths that can lead to a paralegal career. We’ll examine four of those paths here: on-the-job training; paralegal associates degree; paralegal certification; and bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. How to Become A Paralegal–On the Job Training Since in most states there is no requirement that paralegals be licensed or certified an individual can become a paralegal simply by receiving training directly from an attorney or another paralegal. Without some basic legal training, there could be a long learning curve to become a paralegal this way. However, there is an advantage for the attorney or law firm who trains a paralegal from scratch. The attorney won’t have to…show more content…
You should at the very least have some experience working in an office environment so that you are familiar with how to use common office equipment such as copiers and fax machines and how to write professional letters in the right format. How to Become a Paralegal–Paralegal Associates Degree Getting a paralegal associates degree will require an individual to get 60 credit hours in a paralegal program. Obtaining an associates degree can be done in as little as two years. These paralegal programs are offered at colleges and universities as well as online. During these programs people learn basic things such as legal research, basic law, drafting documents, and general rules of ethics. How to Become A Paralegal–Paralegal Certification Securing a paralegal certification can get you a job as a paralegal. However, keep in mind that getting certification will require either some experience in the legal field as a paralegal or higher education (bachelor’s degree) even if in an unrelated course of study. So, certification will probably only help you to become a paralegal if you already have a degree and are looking to move into a career as a

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