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Choosing a career that you're interested in early is a good thing to be able to know so that you can start to map out your life a little. Every little kid always has the dream of growing up to be a army man. There are so many things the military has to offer and I think that the navy would just be awesome. There are 7 breaches you could go into and the opportunities at each place are endless. I personally think that going into the marine corps would be very very cool to do & be a very honorable thing to do in my life. In the marine corps they will pay for your schooling if you are eligible for one of their scholarships. If you're wanting to be an officer then you could join the reserve officer training course or…show more content…
Education requirements is that you have to have a high school diploma & they prefer that you do good in both math and English. The marines would highly highly prefer that you don't have your GED. Now going to the marine for is obviously not for everyone but I think it would be awesome. I'm in great physical shape and I love to push myself harder and harder to new levels and better myself. I think that the 4 year program would be good for me because it would discipline me a little bit and I can learn to follow specific guidelines and rules a little better. There are literally everything in the marines that if you wanted to do you could you could be a cook, a welder, a combat officer, and or try to be able to be a recruiter eventually. I would like to be able to love in either somewhere in California or Arizona when I get older. After your done in the marines you could make anywhere between $2,000 - $15,000 dollars a month depending on what you did while you served our beautiful country. You don't have to pay to be in the marines and the pay for your relocations the flights and you get 30 days of vacation a year. The weather conditions will depend are what you are doing because you can literally

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