Cultural Influences On Religion, Baseball, And Schoolwork

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Culture is a big word. Seven letters make up a word that can contain a library of information. Culture influences how we talk, how we speak, how we look, but most of all, who we are. Since no one lives the same life, we all have different things that influence our culture. I myself have trouble thinking of things that are apart of my culture. After reading stories about other’s culture, I finally came up with three things that influence the culture of my own: religion, baseball, and schoolwork. Religion has a heavy influence on my life. My family and I are all christians. Me and my younger brother have grown up listening to stories my Dad tells about his relationship with God. Not only his relationship, but occasionally my dad will tell us stories about my grandfather’s relationship with God, since my grandfather can no longer do that himself. These stories that my Dad tells me creates an ambition inside me to be more like my father and his father. A lot of times when I am watching the news with my Dad, he will always relate what is going on with what is said in the Bible.…show more content…
I tried many sports to see which one I liked more. It was during this time that I joined my school’s baseball team. During one of the first games, My coach put me in to play third base. Only a few pitches into the game a line drive was hit directly to me. Without any thought I put my glove out and caught the ball, almost as if it was second nature to me. It was this catch that had created a deep love for the game inside myself. After which, I decided to stick with baseball. As I grew up, I began to play on different teams in different leagues. Practices would take up every day of the week and games would take up the weekends. Some teams I played for made me wish I could’ve stayed with them longer, and some made me want to pull my hair out. Either way, baseball has become such a big part of my life that I want it to be a part of my

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